I am a middle-aged woman with simple needs. I live in a small town, in an old family house with a husband, children and many pets. In my early years I have picked beans and blueberries for twenty-five cents per bushel, worked on a horse farm, led trail rides, bailed hay, broke donkeys for quarry work, tended bar, waited tables, worked in retail, care for housebound invalids, worked in nursing homes, couriered for a bank and ended with a successful career in hospital management. I have been married, given birth, divorced, a single mother for eleven years and remarried. (29 years)

As an amateur writer I have published numerous articles for a non-profit organization catering to people with chronic pain. A few of these articles have found their way into legitimate publications. I am working on a piece of fiction that caters to young girls that may or may not be submitted in the future.

As an artist I work in oils, pastels, clay, wood and textiles. I have paintings in collections around the world. My work adorns the walls of the Blue Moon Detective Agency in Texas, an office building in Japan, and homes in Australia, Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. I still find it hard to believe that people will actually pay money for something I have created, I never think they are that great, but I keep trying.

Some call me Pollyanna as I refuse to think the worst when confronted with a new problem. There is usually a solution if I remain calm and take time to think on it. I trust people until they give me a reason not too. I am what I am, and I enjoy finding people who like me for who, and what I am. There are only a few things I am black and white on, those are child abuse, animal abuse and men who batter women. Everyone thinks different thoughts, has differing opinions, likes and dislikes. I like to learn about them rather than shun them.


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  1. I have to say, your blog name is one of the most unique I’ve ever heard.:) Made me want to come check out what sets the turnip spinning – I’m with you about child abuse. As someone unable to have children, I just want to take on anyone who dares to hurt a child. My sister lives with chronic back pain and I know it’s awfully difficult to deal with. Thanks for stopping by my blog – how did you find me?

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