Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Nomination

I have to thank SilentlyHeardOnce for the nomination. Her blog was one of the first I found and I became a fan. I am honored that she enjoys mine.

Ok, they ask for seven things about me, it is hard to sum yourself up in seven things, but I will do my best.

1) My favorite place, after years of travel, is my 159 year old family home, wooded lot, pond, kids and pets.

2) I am a sucker for animals and take in kittens found in my outbuildings and I raise Fancy Rats.

3) I work out of an in-home studio. I paint in oils, pastels, colored pencil and acrylics. I am always surprised when I sell a piece. I also do wood carving.

4) I am an activist and sit on the board of the FMSCommunity, a 501(3) non-profit org. dedicated to chronic pain diseases.

5) The health police shall never take away my ham or bacon! Love them, all things in moderation.

6) Violence against women, children and animals angers and sickens me.

7) I will continue to write whether I am deemed good, or bad because I love it.

My seven nominations. This was hard! I read so many that I love. Some because they send a chill down my spine, some because they make me smile and some because they draw a tear.

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