Blowing Bubbles

I exhaled, producing shimmering bubbles that rode my breath to the sky. I gazed in wonder as they twirled in the sunshine, their surfaces glistening with color. Now and then I tried to catch one, only to have it dissipate as it made contact with my trembling finger.

I knew not why the bubbles came, what they meant or what their destination was, I only knew that the bubbles were welcome. Each one took a small part of my pain as it left my body. Sensation returned to my limbs and the rest of my body sagged in relief as they drifted out of sight. Pain slowly slipped from my neck and all points south as a wave of relief washed over my soul.

Left with a sense of wonderment, I asked how a few bubbles could take all the pain my medications and doctors were unable to tame. I was not to get an answer. Instead I went for a walk, made a phone call to get my job back and found my family to share my good news. I was CURED! No more pain, no more sleepless nights, missed work or canceled plans. I couldn’t believe the answer had been so simple. I needed to share this secret with others like me.

Then the alarm sounded and I groaned as I forced an arm to find the button to silence it. Ah…at least I was pain-free and functional for a short time, even if it was in my dream. I hope this dream will come true someday so everyone living with FM, CMP, CFS, IBS, Chrones and more can return to their productive life. It was nice while it lasted.

I did decide I need to blow more bubbles and relax a bit more. Don’t give up, help just may us some day.


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